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Wednesday, 29. July 2015

Welcome, Mayor! Welcome, concerned citizen!

              Peace is precious! Cities Are Not Targets!

When a city becomes a battleground, everything generations of mayors and citizens have worked so hard to build is destroyed. When international stability is said to depend on mutual assured destruction, the hostages – cities – are in grave danger.


Mayors for Peace is the leading international organization devoted to protecting cities from the scourge of war and mass destruction.


From 2014 to 2015, the work of the 2020 Vision Campaign is being carried forward through four projects. They are listed in white in the website banner above. Your participation in any one or all four of the projects would be welcomed. Not sure which campaign projects are the ones for you and your city? Check here.


To find out more about the activities of the campaign, read our Progress Report, see the latest newsflash, or scroll down to view recent news stories.


Thank you for your interest.  We are all part of the solution!

Contributions: February 2015

UPDATE: Special thanks must go this month to the Mayor and City of Montreal. Following our recent appeals for financial assistance, Montreal responded this week with an outstanding donation of €11,500 to the 2020 Vision campaign.  Their support facilitates the continuation of our projects and functioning of our core office; but while this is invaluable, an infusion of funds from just one interested city cannot ensure the long term sustainability of our campaign.  We hope that others will be inspired by Montreal’s immense generosity to donate what they can on a regular basis to this most important cause.  

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2020 Vision Campaign Director speaks to Conference on Disarmament

19 March, Palais des Nations, Geneva.  A 2020 Vision Campaign presentation drew the attention of disarmament diplomats to the central position of cities in the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapon use: both the immediate, local slaughter of a city’s citizenry and the long-term, global catastrophic climate disruption.  As such, plans and threats to use nuclear weapons in any way which would cause mass destruction in populated areas should be treated by the United Nations as a “threat to the peace.”

For more updates on our campaign, see our Latest News.

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Michael Møller


Secretary General of the Conference on Disarmament









"Ideas based on international humanitarian law, human rights and the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, focusing particularly on the mass destruction entailed in targeting cities were raised to underline the urgency of concluding an effective international arrangement on NSAs. The seeking of NSAs was not seen as confirming the ongoing possession of nuclear arms but as merely an interim measure pending the elimination of nuclear weapons."


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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon declares ''The 2020 Vision is a perfect vision.''




An Introduction to Mayors for Peace (video produced by UN ODA)